Custom made plastic packaging
Also for smaller quantities
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Packaging design

Together we design a packaging tailored to your product. This guarantees a solution focused on proper protection of your product and that looks visually attractive.

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Production of plastic packaging

Production of packaging can be both small and large series. By thermoforming all shapes and colors are possible.

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Finishing your products

Next to making the packaging we can also package your product. This one-stop solution makes your product ready for sale.

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Food industry

Non-food industry

Blister packaging

Promotional material

Skin packaging


Pivot blister


We strongly believe that a private, customized packaging is important. Also for the small to medium quantities the packaging is an unique aspect of your product that deserves attention. Through our years of experience and our unique manufacturing and design process, we can offer customized packaging that makes your product more functional and attractive for your customer. We have a lots of experience with serving trays for all different types of industries. Both for very high-end packaging to the classical transport packaging.

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About us

Devan Plastics is more than 30 years in the packaging world.

  • 1985

    Establishment of Devan Plastics

  • 1991

    Automation in thermoforming and skin packaging

  • 2015

    Move to Kuurne

  • 2016

    Investment in new machinery and BRC certification

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